Karen Bailey Fine Art paintings and abstracts

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Play is the beginning of all creativity!
My paintings are often characterized by vibrant colors, expressive brushstrokes and flowing movement. I begin by stepping into the moment and starting right where I am emotionally.
I start with a single stroke and “Follow the Paint” to see where it will take me. I love painting many layers while using different techniques to reveal underlying elements, adding dimension to the painting.
A painting can be a long journey as I usually paint for two to three hour sessions at a time. When I am finished, I always see strong connections between my life experiences and what is revealed. My paintings are my story...
         “A painting is never finished, it simply stops in interesting places”
                                                                                   Paul Gauguin
Beginnings: Silicon Valley - Corporate Package Design, Art Direction, Advertising Campaign Development, Small Business Design Packages, Teaching Creative Workshops, and Gallery Showings. In recent years my most rewarding creativity has been shared in one on one sessions with seniors, teens with addictions, and disabled individuals, where I get to see the healing power of art in action.
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